We have had so much amazing press lately, but check THIS out! featured on

We are officially Bob Vila approved! And almost everyone we’ve mentioned the article to has responded, “My Dad is going to freak out about this!” – which is basically the ultimate high compliment, so we’re feeling pretty pumped about the whole thing.

Thanks to Caitlin for taking the time to make us look so good. And of course to Bob. For paving the way.


I just finished posting 17 never-before-seen before-and-after photos to the Before + After section of our website! Half of them will blow your mind–we’re talking McMansion kitchens and bright orange, purple, and pink paint in the before photos–and the other half aren’t too bad either. I can’t even tell you how much trouble I had limiting myself to two examples for this post!

Click on over to see all the new Before + Afters from Justine Hand’s kitchen, our big Magic Egg project from last year, and Beth Kirby’s kitchen (aka Local Milk‘s kitchen, or the kitchen of just about everyone’s dreams). You can see all the after photos from those project in the Design section of our website.



We were super thrilled to have our work featured on And North a couple days ago. Their website itself is gorgeous and all the features are beautifully curated; it was a true honor to be included. Click over to the feature for a lovely writeup and some never-before-seen photos from our big Catskills job last year!



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Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a lovely holiday season filled with family, friends, fires, and plenty of food. The four Fs? Totally unintentional.

My mom and I were lucky enough to spend Christmas week in Yellowstone. It was the best. We rode all over the park in old 70s Bombardiers that would make Wes Anderson jealous. We went of a night tour of Fountain Paint Pots under the stars. We saw five wolves, a coyote, two otters playing together in an ice cold river (there was literally ice floating past them), and more elk and bison than we could count.

If you ever have the chance, get to Yellowstone in winter! It blows summer Yellowstone away, and that’s no small feat.

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We’re officially the Kitchen Experts over on Remodelista’s new Ask the Kitchen Experts series this weekend. We’ll be answering questions all day today and tomorrow, so click on over if you have anything to ask us!


We’re finally back from yoga-ing, volcano climbing, surfing, and eating all the food in Costa Rica and Mexico. And we’re right back in the swing of things, up on the foggy North Fork of Long Island digging into the biggest house we’ve worked on yet.

We can’t wait to show you photos from our adventures, and also from the Magic Egg‘s little guest house we redid in September. Those built-in bunk beds above are a little preview for you. But first! We finally made it big and were invited to have our own page in Remodelista’s Architect/Designer directory.

We’re also super honored that Remodelista asked us to be the first designers in their new weekend feature called Ask the Kitchen Experts! It’ll be something similar to The Designer/Architect Is In. They’ll feature a few of the kitchens we’ve done over the years, and we’ll be around all weekend fielding any and all questions submitted by their readers. So hop on over and ask away!


By the time you guys are reading this, Tara will be almost halfway into her month-long yoga training down in Costa Rica and I’ll be freshly arrived in Mexico, armed with a new GoPro, somewhere on Orizaba or Iztaccihuatl, two massive snow-capped volcanos that are taller than anything I’ve climbed before. And I can’t wait. It’s been a whirlwind past few weeks of nonstop work as we finished up the little guest house to the Magic Egg, had Country Living come shoot the main house (!!!), and got our eight months’ worth of stuff out of there and into storage at our next job, on the North Fork of Long Island.

To say it was difficult to leave this last job would be a huge understatement. We poured every ounce of energy and imagination we had into it from February through September of this year, and couldn’t have been prouder of the finished product.

We were thrilled to have it posted on Design*Sponge in two installments: first as a Before & After and then as a full Sneak Peek. You’ll definitely want to check out those before pics! Then come back here to peruse the unabridged photo tour below.

And stay tuned for the guest house! We’ve already posted a couple sneak peeks on our Instagram, but the full photo tour is a couple months off.

Huge thanks to Rachael and Gideon, the best clients we could have asked for.

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You guys, we made the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Home & Design Section!

Or, to be more precise, we made the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Home & Design Section seven months ago. We’ve been out of town for months and months and just finally got our hands on an actual copy of the article! It takes up almost the whole front page, then continues inside with another full page (shared by three little ads for a local Buick dealership, patio covers, and some killer overstuffed furniture). How cool is that? The hometown paper. You’re next, New York Times! Oh and while I’m sure it’s much too late to get a hard copy of the article, you can read the whole thing here.

We were also honored to be featured for the first time ever on a podcast a couple weeks back. While we hate hearing our own voices, you hopefully won’t if you choose to listen! It was such a fun experience and a great interview. Huge thanks to Tammy of The Honest Home! She has a beautiful site and an even more beautiful speaking voice (think NPR goddess, especially next to me and Tara!), so be sure to check it out if you’d like to know a bit more about what we do, how we work, and what sets us apart.

Finally, we’re thrilled to have been featured on Apartment Therapy’s Gallery of Cozy Cottage Interiors. In fact, four of eleven images are ours! I’m not sure if they even realize it, because they credited two images to Design Sponge, but hey, look at us go.


The moment has finally arrived!

Now live on Remodelista is the Chattanooga kitchen we did for Beth Kirby (aka Local Milk) way back in January.

As usual, Beth’s photos do not disappoint. Check em all out below!

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It’s been quite a while since we showed some new work, but that all changes this week!

On Thursday, Remodelista (link updated!) is publishing photos of Beth Kirby’s Chattanooga kitchen, which we redid back in January while living in a tiny little cabin just over the Alabama line. Beth (aka Local Milk) just won double Best Photography Blog honors from Saveur, so the photos are sure to be stunning.

We also lured Beth north in June to photograph the Upstate NY home we started redoing in March. Those photos will start trickling out this week, with a Design*Sponge Before & After (link updated) teaser running this Thursday, followed by a full Sneak Peek on Monday.

Oh, plus we’re being interviewed for a podcast this morning, but I won’t say which one until we’ve previewed it and ensured we definitely don’t sound like idiots.

Here’s one more shot of Beth’s kitchen, complete with the styling wizard herself!