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We were contacted a couple weeks ago to do some work for a coffee shop opening up near Cold Spring in upstate NY. In addition to building out the bar with reclaimed hemlock joists and old scaffolding planks (photos hopefully upcoming! but you know us), we managed to squeeze in a couple chair makeovers.

Formerly sat upon at Daily Press in Bed Stuy (for which we also did some work before they opened a couple years ago), these two chairs were on their way to the dumpster because of their damaged caning. (We neglected to take before photos, as usual!)┬áReplacing the caning would’ve taken more time than we had, and been more boring then we wanted, so we decided to cut the old stuff out and fit some reclaimed barn wood to the gorgeous shape left in its wake. The results were even better than expected! They have a vague animal-hide look about them that we just love, plus they’re vegan friendly. Sustainable. Gluten-free.

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